Saturday, July 6, 2013

Wheeler Peak

Ever since Trent and I hiked Wheeler Peak last October, Miller has been saying he wanted to hike to the top before we left. Hoping he would forget about it, I told him "Sure. We will see!" That seems to be my answer for a lot of their questions. Well, obviously, he didn't forget about it! In fact he reminded me numerous times in the last several weeks. "Mom, we are about to leave and I haven't hiked Wheeler yet!" Since Trent wasn't able to hike with his knee, Miller, me and several friends headed up today.

Miller's best friend, Callie, wanted to make the hike as well.
They made it up to Williams Lake, about a 2 mile hike, without any problems. Both have done this hike numerous times this year. However, this time we took a sharp turn to the left to hike another 2.5 miles and over 2000 vertical feet to the top. This was the tough part. Miller and Callie did great. I stopped whenever he said and ate snacks whenever he was hungry. I was bound and determined, as was he, for the two of us to make it to the peak.
I was super surprised that I only had to carry him a couple of times to let his legs rest. He was an AMAZING trooper
We had the amazing views,

snow-ball fights,

the wildlife,
Big Horn Sheep

to distract these two and keep them going to the top!!!
And then three hours from the bottom, we finally MADE IT!!!!! I'm so proud of these two, at the age of five and six to climb to the tallest peak in NM.

Miller and Callie's support group!

After all that hard work, after we got to the bottom all they wanted was some Bavarian Hot Chocolate!!!!

Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July in Taos

The town of Arroyo Secco holds an annual fourth of July Parade and party. I think everyone in Taos and the surrounding area was there and so were we! It was not our usual fourth of July. As far back as I can remember, I have spent the fourth at Lake Martin with my family. Enjoying the sun, boat rides, chimney rock, my Momma's good cooking,  loud beautiful fireworks, and family has always been my tradition. Even though I missed my "traditional fourth" this one was definitely one to remember. This fourth was FULL with family, new friends, the most unusual parade I have EVER seen, beautiful blue skies and mountains, perfect weather, great food (prepared by Katie), gorgeous sunset and, then an despite the dry weather, an amazing display of fireworks. Perfect.

Camryn and Bryan

Tara and Mallie

Callie and Me

Katie and Ellie

The Crew watching the parade

Miss Taos Pride. hmmmmm???

"Kiss" and Mallie

Happy Fourth of July!!!!!!!